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Sight Fishing

Sight Fishing

So much of the fishing in Biscayne Bay consists of sight casting fish in shallow water when we are pursuing bonefish, permit, tarpon and sharks.   

This is a very visual and exhilirating type of fishing and we are literally hunting for fish in a foot of water, spotting them, making sure the boat and my angler are in the proper position and then making a quick and accurate cast to the fish.   

Most of the sight fishing is accomplished in water from twelve inches to six feet of water. In water a foot or less deep, we see fish move across the flats as they disturb the water with their bodies barely covered by water. 

When feeding in these extreme shallows, their tails come out of the water as they push downward into the grass and soft mud and dislodge any morsel they find. This is what is referred to as “tailing fish”.  When the water level gets deeper into the three to six foot range, sight fishing moves into what is referred to as “mudding” fish.  Mudding fish are fish that are in water too deep to reveal their tails when their feeding but are feeding none-the-less.  When they feed they burry their snouts into the soft grassy and muddy bottom and release jets of water as they attempt to dislodge food from the bottom.  When they accomplish this, bottom sediment is stirred up and an area of muddy water called a “mud” is created.  Opportunities like these are excellent windows for fish to eat your bait or fly.  When engaged in the sport of sight fishing, angler and guide alike are to be looking into the water when the sunlight is at a higher angle in the sky and allows the spotting of moving and feeding fish.  If looking only at the surface of the water, many chances will be missed. 

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