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Tarpon are found throughout Florida’s coastal environment during the summer months. During the winter months, coastal water temperatures in much of the state drop significantly and cause tarpon to concentrate in South Florida. Tarpon, which feed primarily on fish and crabs, are powerful, explosive and acrobatic. Tarpon also have great stamina, making them one of Florida’s most challenging and exciting nearshore sportfish. Tarpon can be caught on flies, streamers, floating and diving lures, jigs, live bait and dead bait. The tackle to be used depends largely on the type of bait used, the location and the size of fish being targeted. While tarpon are not a toothy predator, a long, heavy monofilament leader is very important to protect your line from being cut by the gill plate or tail. Tarpon have poor food value and are almost exclusively a catch and release fishery. If you intend to keep a tarpon, you must purchase a tarpon tag in advance.

State Record:

243 lb, caught near Key West While we have resident tarpon in Miami’s Biscayne Bay that inhabit our waters year ‘round, the big push of tarpon takes place in the fall. Tarpon, along with a host of other species, follow mullet schools south in Miami and take up residence in our deep water ports and cuts throughout fall, winter and into early spring. During this time, tarpon fishing at night can be phenomenal as they feed on winter shrimp during the outgoing tides. These fish will range from 60 pounds to over 150 pounds and 20-40lb spinning tackle is the choice for these fish. Come spring time they head south towards the keys and that is when we fish for them in gin clear flats between 3’-6’ of water. This fishing is a fly fisherman’s dream but tarpon will eat a host of other baits and lures as well. If you want to test your stamina against the most powerful fish on the flats, give me a call and let’s get on some tarpon!

Tarpon fishing in and around Miami,  Miami Beach and South Beach takes place within minutes of the dock and these fish average from 60 lbs to 200 lbs.  A typical Miami Beach fishing charter begins with a short run to the various tarpon areas where we target them with fly rods,  spinning tackle, live bait or lures.  Tarpon fishing is a great way to experience a South Beach fishing charter while staying close to land and avoiding seasickness.   There aren't many places where you can fight a 150 lb monster in 10' of water in the shadows of Miami Beach.   So,  eat your Wheaties and hop aboard,  things are about to get interesting!

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